Partial Dentures

At Brisbane Denture Clinic we offer three different types of partial dentures.

Acrylic Partial Denture

Acrylic partial dentures are made up of denture teeth that have been bonded to an acrylic base plate. They will also have stainless steel wires (clasps) attached to help with retention. Acrylic partial dentures are a very cost efficient appliance, are very easy to add teeth to, repair and reline or rebase with no issues. Partial dentures are also used for trauma cases, usually where a tooth has been knocked out. They can be made quickly to accommodate emergency situation. If a patient is going to have teeth removed, immediate acrylic dentures can be placed as soon as teeth have been extracted, this is very important to patients who just can’t go without teeth due to there occupation etc.

Chrome OR Metal Partial Dentures

Chrome partial dentures are similar to acrylic partial dentures except that the denture teeth and pink acrylic gum areas are bonded to a metal frame. Chrome dentures are superior to acrylic partial dentures as they are easier for the patient to adapt to and are a lot less bulky in the mouth. A chrome denture can be made as thin as 0.4mm. Due to their strength they can be made much smaller and thinner in comparison to a partial acrylic denture. Also if the patient is worried about metal showing when smiling tooth coloured clasps can be added to help with aesthetics. A chrome denture is also seen as a more long-term solution due to it’s superior strength.

Valplast OR Flexible Partial Dentures

A Valplast denture consists of denture teeth that are attached to a flexible yet super strong pink base. The most important thing about this style of partial denture is that they need no metal whatsoever so aesthetically these dentures are superior. Due to their strength they can be made smaller and thinner than a standard acrylic partial denture. A valplast denture is considered to be almost indestructible as they are made from a high strength nylon material which is flexible and absorbs shock. Valplast dentures are great for patients missing a single tooth at the side or rear of mouth, also they can be made thinner than the the standard acrylic denture.