Denture Repairs And Additions

Denture repairs can be a real hassle; most patients don’t want to be without their dentures for a full day. At Brisbane Denture Clinic we provide a “while you wait” service when it comes to repairs.

Depending on the severity of the damage, we do our best to have your dentures back to you ASAP. This is another great advantage of having our dental laboratory on site. Why pay for a new set of dentures, come in and see us, you never know, we might be able to repair and fix your dentures at a fraction of the cost of buying new ones. Just a reminder please don’t try to superglue your dentures together, this makes things very difficult for the dental technician fixing your dentures. The layer of superglue creates a new layer in-between the sections of acrylic, this makes it near impossible to re-align the denture into it’s original form in turn creating an ill-fitting appliance.

At Brisbane denture clinic we also can add new teeth to existing dentures. Always check with us if this is possible, don’t be misinformed and pay for new dentures! New clasps, wires and strengtheners can also be added to existing appliances. Commonly people who wear partial dentures will loose an additional tooth after they have purchased dentures, but this can easily be added to the existing dentures. This saves the patient, time, headache and of course money.

When repairing your dentures we only use the best materials to ensure the best possible outcome. First a key is made to ensure the original state of the denture is recorded, after this the crack or break area is ground out to reveal new acrylic. This section is then sandblasted to make the surface porous, this ensures the new acrylic will bond to the old with maximum strength and create a mechanical and chemical bond. If teeth are being added to a denture they are also sandblasted to ensure the best bond. The new acrylic is then cured in a hyrdo-flask for the required time. Finally it is trimmed and polished and ready for insert.