Full Or Complete Dentures

Full Dentures are for patients who require all teeth to be replaced either in just the upper jaw, lower jaw or both.

At Brisbane Denture Clinic our dental prosthetist will work with you to select the right size, shape and shade of the teeth to provide you with the most natural look possible and help you smile with confidence. Patient involvement in the process of making complete dentures is essential to have a successful outcome for the patient and prosthetist. We want you to be 100% happy with your smile, to achieve this we use all the best materials, intra-oral photography and most importantly your opinion. At the end of the day you are the one that has to be happy with your new smile. You may notice some clinics offering cosmetic dentures and basic dentures, we feel this is unfair to patients and have made all of our products cosmetic dentures, this challenges us to offer you the best possible dentures for a single flat price. All dentures should be cosmetic dentures.

We use only German-made acrylic powders and teeth to ensure a high standard of quality and aesthetics. The acrylic we use is Ivoclar, this particular brand is considered to be a leader in our industry. The teeth we use are also German made, Merz denture teeth replicate the colour,form and shape of natural teeth amazingly well. Just compare our teeth to standard denture teeth and the difference will be striking.