Scale and Clean

Dental Scale and Clean Services

Undergoing a scale and clean is more than just a standard procedure—it’s a crucial step in maintaining your dental health and preserving that stunning smile. Regular scale and clean sessions are essential for keeping your teeth healthy and intact for as long as possible.

The Importance of Removing Plaque and Calculus

This procedure effectively removes plaque and calculus build-up on your teeth. Neglecting this build-up can lead to tooth decay and eventual loss of teeth. Moreover, a healthy mouth is integral to overall health, with studies linking oral health issues to conditions like heart disease, stroke, and complications in pregnancy.

After your scale and clean at our clinic, you’ll enjoy that exceptional “clean feeling” only a dentist can provide. Your teeth will not only be healthier but also visibly brighter. Our team will also guide you on the best practices for brushing and flossing to keep plaque at bay.

Special Offer for New Patients

We invite new patients to take advantage of our special offer: A comprehensive check-up, clean, 2 x-rays, and fluoride treatment for just $199, or free if your healthcare covers the full amount or more.

Understanding Plaque and Calculus

  • Plaque: The primary enemy of dental health. It forms from a mixture of bacteria, sugars, and starches after eating or drinking, leading to tooth decay.
  • Calculus: Essentially hardened plaque. Keeping plaque under control is crucial to prevent calculus, which can negatively impact gum health. It usually forms along and below the gum line, requiring professional removal through a scale and clean.


Recommended Frequency for Scale and Clean

We recommend a scale and clean every 6 months. However, if you’re prone to frequent plaque and calculus build-up, a more frequent schedule, such as every 3 months, may be necessary.