Denture Reline Or Re-Base

Are your dentures feeling loose, does the fit feel compromised?

At Brisbane Denture Clinic we offer a same day service with denture relines. A denture reline or re-base of a denture is necessary when the gums/ridges in your mouth shrink over time hence leading to a poorly fitting denture. The shrinking of the ridge is a natural occurrence, if a denture is ill-fitting or loose this can also lead to cracks and even breaks in the denture.

Denture relines are also very common for immediate dentures. When a denture is loose it can also affect your confidence, simple tasks like eating and talking can be made very difficult. Also by wearing an ill-fitting or loose denture you dramatically increase the risk of cracking or even breaking the denture due to unbalanced stresses and force on the denture. At Brisbane Denture Clinic we will do our best to fix all this.

We know you don’t want to be without your dentures for very long so we make relines as fast as possible. A denture reline will consist of only two appointments, a morning appointment to take impressions and an afternoon appointment to fit your newly relined improved denture.

Please don’t hesitate to contact us if you have any questions our friendly staff are always willing to help.