A white filling or a composite filling is a plastic and glass mixture that is tooth coloured. It is used by your dentist to restore and mimic the natural tooth and is used to fill holes in your teeth cause by decay. White fillings can also be used to fill gaps between teeth, repair chips and even make teeth look straighter by altering their shape.

At Brisbane dental clinic we offer our patients white fillings, these fillings are colour matched to your natural teeth so the blend in seamlessly. Many years ago fillings were done in a material called amalgam, these fillings have silver, tinny look to them and are very obvious.

The down side to these amalgam fillings is obviously the colour but also that they are composed of 50% mercury, this is a toxic metal and can cause health issues.


  • Natural Colour
  • Bond Well to Natural Teeth
  • Can Stop Further Decay
  • They Can be Done Quickly
  • Can be Repaired if Damaged
  • They are Non-toxic