The Brisbane Dental Clinic Dentists in Logan Provide Excellent Dental Bridges, Crowns and Surgery, Tooth Fillings and Root Canals

Our team of dentists and dental prosthetists provide quality dental work, and patient satisfaction is our goal. Our dental surgery in Logan is small but growing, and we understand that our patients’ smiles are the best advertisement.

We also understand that your perfect smile shouldn’t hurt your wallet. We accept many private health funds. Our staff will set up an interest-free payment plan to suit your needs. Your payment plan is customised to you allowing ranges of six to 24 months. We will also help you guarantee your child receives the dental care they need. Our staff will help you discover if you qualify for the Child Dental Benefits Scheme. Often, we can provide free dental services for your child.

Our Logan Dentists Provide Preventative and Reparative Services

Our dentists will examine the health of your teeth during your regular check-ups and cleanings. Our goal is to find the damage before it causes you discomfort. A quick tooth filling is all that is usually required, and filling a small cavity will prevent further damage and more dental work.

Sometimes you have symptoms develop quickly. Some signs of more severe damage include throbbing pain or pain when chewing, swelling of the gums or face, or sensitivity to hot or cold food and drinks. If you are experiencing any of these symptoms, you might require a root canal. Here’s a complete list of symptoms.

Our Dental Clinic in Logan will provide you with anxiety-free dental surgery. Our patients can self-administer the pain reliever Penthrox under supervision. We know that dental work can make stress levels rise. By using Penthrox patients relieve pain and stress allowing the dentist to perform high quality work quickly.

Beautify Your Smile with Dental Crowns and Bridges

Even when damage is stopped in its tracks, you might need more work to protect and beautify your smile. Reparative work can leave a tooth weak and susceptible to damage. A tooth might be strong and healthy but is discoloured and doesn’t match the rest of your teeth. If you experience weak or discoloured teeth, we can make you a dental crown. A crown covers the existing tooth so it has protection from further trauma. Our on-site laboratory will match your crown to your other teeth to give you a great smile.

Sometimes the damage is so extensive that tooth extraction is necessary. We not only can perform a quick and comfortable extraction but we can make your smile whole again. We can mount a dental bridge to eliminate gaps. A bridge is a series of connected crowns designed to attach to existing teeth and cover gaps seamlessly.

The staff, dentists, and prosthetists at the Brisbane Dental Clinic are excited about providing all your dental care needs. We are always accepting new patients. Are you due for your regular examination and cleaning? Are you experiencing discomfort? Do you have questions about our services? Our staff is waiting to help you. Just contact us.

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