Oral Health Care with Dani

Hi everyone, I’m Dani, the colourful Dental Nurse working with Brisbane Dental and Denture Clinic.

I have been in the Dental Industry for over 20 years now, working in many parts of Australia with many well-respected Dental Professionals. For personal reasons I declined my position to further my education to become a Dental Hygienist, and continued to manage many dental surgeries, but my passion for Oral Hygiene was still obvious. This led me to the opening of my business Teeth Hygienx. I felt there was a huge need of educating patients how to use simple products of which we use every day, effectively, especially after they’ve paid a lot of money to have their teeth professionally cleaned and polished.

I found by spending quality time with patients in a 15 minute, one-on-one appointment, teaching patients exactly how to effectively use their toothbrush and dental products to their advantage, especially after their dental cleaning, is one of the key elements in providing confidence, and encouragement for them to return on a 6 monthly basis.

I have over the years handpicked products that we use and recommend here at BDDC. These products are chosen to your specific needs and are shown during this appointment and then given to you to take home to help maintain optimal Oral Hygiene.

It doesn’t take long to clean teeth properly, it just takes a few simple steps with good products. Use products specifically to your dental needs, ie. Braces, implants, Bridges and wires need special brushes to clean them properly. It’s not just about brushing, but learning how to avoid the build-up of tartar and bad breath.

Come on in and make your appointment to clean your teeth, and then book your 15 minute appointment with me to learn how to keep them clean.