Crown and Bridge

At Brisbane dental clinic we love seeing patients leaving the clinic with a big smile after their crown and bridge procedures.

At times, veneers are not sufficient to mask damaged teeth, and in these cases, a crown can be more ideal. Dental crowns fit over teeth which have been worn down, broken, or cracked. To avoid extracting the tooth, we’ll create a crown that protects your teeth from any additional damage. As with veneers, these are created to match the colour of your teeth and the natural shape of your mouth. Crowns are both comfortable and provide a relatively seamless blending to your existing teeth.

Dental bridgework is quite similar. However, bridges come into play when you have gaps of missing teeth to cover. In these cases, we join several crowns together into a “bridge” over the gap. This complete piece restores a more natural look to your smile. One of our dentists at Brisbane dental clinic can discuss the best options for each patient curious about a dental bridge.

A single crown can range in price from $999 to $1440

Some reasons you may need a dental crown:

  • To protect a weak tooth or hold together parts of a broken or fractured tooth
  • To restore a broken tooth or a tooth that is severely worn down
  • To cover a tooth with a large filling or a fractured filling
  • To hold a dental bridge in place
  • To protect a tooth after a root canal
  • To cover misshapen or badly discoloured teeth